Flagship Services / Technologies

Each Instruct-Centre nominates one of their service / technologies to be Flagship. These flagship service / technologies are the leading technologies at each centre, which are recognised for their scientific significance. 

Here is a list of the service / technologies designated as flagship:

   Instruct Centre-BE: Nanobody Discovery

   Instruct Centre-CZ at BIOCEV: Native Mass Spectrometry

   Instruct Centre-CZ at CEITEC: Electron Microscopy

   Instruct Centre-ES at I2PC: Electron Microscopy

    Instruct Centre-FR1: Electron Microscopy

    Instruct Centre-FR2: Solution NMR

    Instruct Centre-IL at ISPC (WIS): Protein Production

    Instruct Centre-IT: Solution NMR

    Instruct Centre-NL at Bijvoet Centre: Solid State NMR

    Instruct Centre-NL at NeCEN: Electron Microscopy

    Instruct Centre-NL at NKI: Structural Audit

    Instruct Centre-UK at the Molecular Biophysics Suite: Molecular Biophysics

    Instruct Centre-UK at OPIC: Electron Microscopy

    Instruct Centre-UK at Oxford Mass Spectrometry Centre: Native Mass Spectrometry

    Instruct Centre-UK at Research Complex Harwell: Membrane Protein Crystallisation

    Instruct Centre-UK at STRUBI: Protein Production in Mammalian Cells

Scientific Highlights