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The Membrane Protein Laboratory (MPL) at the Research Complex Harwell is a research and training user facility open to scientists from laboratories anywhere in the world that are interested in the Structural Biology of Membrane Proteins. The laboratory combines recently developed high throughput technologies for membrane protein production and crystallisation with the latest developments in X-ray diffraction data collection systems at Diamond MX beamlines. Our team of in house support scientists are on hand to help visitors with all aspects of their experimental design and setup.

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Our crystallisation platform supports both nanodrop crystallisation and lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallisation. All plates can be imaged in one of our Rockmaker 1000 imagers (4 or 20 degC) and images accessed off-site through Rockmaker web. The facility is well supported with Mosquito-LCP and LCP-Gryphon at room temperature and a Mosquito at 4 DegC. Custom screens can be formulated using the Scorpion liquid handler. Prior to setting up LCP experiments visiting scientists also have the opportunity to pre-screen LCP conditions using Fluorescence Recovery after Photo-bleaching (FRAP).

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Membrane Protein Crystallisation, MPL, Harwell, UK


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