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Open Calls

13th Instruct-ERIC Training Call

The Instruct training courses programme aims to increase the skills level of researchers in structural biology through the organisation and support of training courses and workshops.

Deadline for Submission:
01-Jan-2021 0:00 CET
Call opens: 02-Nov-2020 10:00 CET

Instruct Proposal Pathway

Proposal Guidelines

To Request Access, there is a simple online form to create a research proposal. If you have not yet registered an Instruct-ERIC account yet, please click the blue button "register now" on the top left of this page. Otherwise log in and then click the red button "begin a new proposal".

March 2020 update: Due to the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, Instruct-ERIC has a period of restricted access beginning 16 March, with many services available remotely, where samples are sent by courier without the need to travel. Priority Access for Coronavirus research will continue where possible. 

Introduction: Instruct-ERIC offers open access to structural biology infrastructure at our Instruct Centres. Our aim is to facilitate excellent science, and to this end, all applications are submitted for peer review by a panel of experts. Proposal funding is approved based on scientific merit, and reviewers offer constructive advice for improvements where this would benefit the research proposal. 

Timeframe: The application and review process is efficient, transparent and quick. We aim to turn around applications within 6 weeks. 

When to apply: Applications for access can be submitted at any time. Periodically, special calls for access will be published with a defined deadline. These special calls carry specific criteria, so please read the calls carefully. 

Proposal application steps: There are six steps to the online application process, and you are guided through them step by step. 

  1. Select Service / Technology 
  2. Confirm Service / Technology Selection 
  3. Proposal Details 
  4. Build your Team 
  5. Exclude Reviewers 
  6. Confirm Proposal 

Integrative structural biology: Instruct advocates integrative structural biology, where multiple techniques give particular breadth to research, although we are happy to accept proposals for both single or multiple technologies.

Funding: Instruct-ERIC can fund the consumables, travel and accommodation for access visits. For more information on what Instruct-ERIC pays for, consult Funding for Access

Who qualifies: Academic and commercial scientists from Instruct Member Countries can apply for fully funded access. More information on who can apply

Your ARIA profile: Remember to update your profile, since this acts as your CV for all online applications. You can edit your profile at the end of your dashboard page.

More information: Download the proposal submission user guide, access policy or contact us.