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About Native Mass Spectrometry, Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic

Structural mass spectrometry (MS3D) offers various methodologies for characterisation of protein structure. The Institute of Biotechnology/Centre of Molecular Structure (IBT/CMS) at BIOCEV offers different labelling approaches including hydrogen/deuterium exchange, covalent labelling, chemical cross-linking and limited proteolysis. The facility is equipped with cutting-edge technologies including high-resolution mass spectrometer, HPLC system, H/D system and in-house software for data processing.

The service provided includes data processing and reporting ready for publication. The platform also offers: identification and quantification of proteins, precise determination of protein molecular mass, and characterisation of various post translational modifications.


Instruments Available:

Ultra high performance liquid chromatography system for separation of proteins, peptides or metabolites connected to the 15T-FTICR mass spectrometer.

Bruker Daltonics 15T-Solarix XR FT-ICR mass spectrometer, with electrospray and MALDI ion sources, and with Agilent Technologies 1200 HPLC system (usually coupled to the 15T-SolariX XR mass spectrometer) for the separation of complex peptide mixtures, proteins and metabolites.

Simple MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer for routine analysis of proteins and peptides.

Excimer laser dedicated mostly for FPOP experiments.

This equipment allows to provide the following services: Peptide mass fingerprinting – identification of proteins from gel or solution including larger protein mixtures; Characterization of posttranslational modification such as phosphorylation, glycosylation or disulphide bonds; Structural mass spectrometry: limited proteolysis, hydrogen/deuterium exchange, chemical cross-linking, covalent labelling; HPLC separation of peptides, proteins and small molecules (metabolites) coupled with mass spectrometric detection; Processing and interpretation of mass spectrometric data.

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Separation of protein mixtures

Intact protein analysis

Native mass spectrometry with ion mobility separation

Peptide/protein/metabolite profiling

Protein identification

Characterisation of protein modifications

Protein/metabolite quantification

Protein surface covalent labelling

Chemical cross-linking

Hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX)

Data processing and interpretation of mass spectrometric data

Shotgun proteomics

Hydrogen-deuterium exchange and covalent labelling experiments

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Prumyslova 595

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Native Mass Spectrometry, Vestec near Prague, Czech Republic


Petr Pompach
Petr Pompach
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