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Astbury Biostructure Laboratory joins Instruct-ERIC


Instruct are delighted to announce that the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory is now part of the Instruct-UK Centre, offering world class access to CryoEM and NMR technologies at the Leeds campus.

The Astbury Biostructure Laboratory is part of the Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology. Named after William Astbury, the renowned English physicist and molecular biologist who made pioneering X-ray diffraction studies of biological models, the Astbury Centre is today a multidisciplinary research centre at the forefront of structural molecular biology. The Centre brings together a large interdisciplinary group of structural molecular biologists, chemists and physicists working on the structure and function of a wide range of biological molecules, biomolecular assemblies and complexes.

From June 2019, researchers across Europe can access CryoEM and NMR at the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory through the Instruct-ERIC online proposal system.

“The addition of the high quality CryoEM and NMR platforms at the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory are a welcome development for the Instruct technology catalogue, which fit perfectly within the Instruct-ERIC mission, and we look forward to future creative collaborations in interdisciplinary molecular structural biology”. Susan Daenke, Coordinator, Instruct-ERIC hub.

For more information about the Astbury Biostructure Laboratory facilities, click here.