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UK Structural Biology Forum to host meeting on UK strategy on EM


The UK Structural biology Forum is the community voice for working structural biologists in the UK. On July 6th 2015, the Forum was host to a meeting at the Wellcome Trust London to discuss new developments in the rapidly developing fields of electron microscopy and imaging.

The meeting was held at the Jenner Room, Wellcome Trust, Euston Road, London. 

Organising Committee:

Jan Löwe (MRC LMB, University of Cambridge); Helen Saibil (Birkbeck, University of London); Paul Freemont (Imperial College, London)


Programme for the meeting:

10.00   coffee on arrival

11.00   Richard Henderson: Recent progress, future prospects and the need for more single particle cryo-EM capacity

11.20   Sjors Scheres: Cryo-EM structures of small and flexible complexes

11.40   Helen Saibil: Update on the national EM facility

12.00   Kay Gruenewald: Putting macromolecules into context: cryo-ET and complementary approaches

12.30   Sandwich lunch (incl. vegetarian options)

13.30   Neil Ranson: What can high resolution cryo-EM tell us about RNA virus assembly?

13.50   Venki Ramakrishnan: Studying the ribosome by EM

14.10   Discussion

16.00   Close

The event is now fully subscribed.


Executive Committee Members for the UK Structural Biology Forum:

Tom Blundell (Chair, University of Cambridge and Astex Pharmaceuticals), Jim Naismith (Deputy Chair, University of St. Andrews)

Ben Bax (GSK), Justin Benesch (UOXF), Rob Cooke (Heptares), Jane Endicott (University of Newcastle), Paul Freemont (Imperial College), Gerard Kelywegt (EMBL-EBI), Steve Matthews (Imperial College), Jennifer Potts (University of York), Alan Roseman (University of Manchester), Helen Saibil (Birkbeck College), David Scott (University of Nottingham and RAL), Dave Stuart ( UOXF and DLS), Geerton Vuister (University of Leicester), Martin Walsh (DLS), Keith Wilson (University of York), Martyn Winn (STFC RAL).