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Instruct Training Courses for 2016


We are delighted to announce the Instruct training program for 2016. Our education programme helps to train a cadre of European structural and cell biologists who are proficient in a raft of technologies, not just one specialism. These researchers will be able to integrate different technologies to open up new areas of research, enhancing the reputations of their research institutes and companies. Instruct is able to offer a range of workshops delivered at Instruct Centres by internationally recognised experts

Our first event took place in Israel with the course 'Workshop on the Resolution Revolution in 3D cryo-EM' organised by Instruct Centre Israel at the Weizmann Institute. The following events cover all areas of structural biology with emphasis on integration and scientific areas of emerging relevance.


'Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data – 2nd Edition' Workshop organised by Instruct-NL

'Practical Course in Integrative Modeling of Protein-Protein Interactions and Large Multi-Molecular Assemblie' organised by Instruct Bioinformatic Centre in Israel.


'EMBO Practical Course on the Structural Characterization of Macromolecular Complexes' organised by Instruct Centre France 2 in Grenoble

'From 2D images to 3D structures: A practical course on Electron Microscopy Single Particle Analysis' organised by Instruct Image Processing Centre in Madrid in collaboration with CCISB and CCPEM.


'Workshop on frontiers of recombinant multi-protein complex expression in insect and mammalian cells' organised by Instruct UK (OPPF) in collaboration with the University of Bristol.

'Advanced Methods in Macromolecular Crystallization VII“ – the 2nd FEBS practical crystallization course in middle EU co-sponsored by INSTRUCT' organised by Instruct Czech Republic in collaboration with FEBS

'Protein Production 2016 Workshop' organised by Instruct UK (SGC)


'Biomolecular NMR: advanced tools for studying protein and RNA dynamics' course organised by SWEDESTRUCT in collaboration with Bruker Biospin, AstraZeneca, and Medivir.


'Methods and Techniques in structural biology: beyond black boxes' course organised by Instruct Centre France 1 in Strasbourg

'I2PC-FEI “hands on” course on image processing applied to the structural characterization of biological macromolecules' organised by Instruct Image Processing Centre in Madrid.


'The first Helmholtz Training Course on Integrative Structural Biology' organised by the Instruct Protein Production Centre in Braunschweig.