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Further Call for Instruct Training Course Proposals for 2013


Further Call for proposals for Instruct Training Courses (to be held in the 2013/14 year):

This call particularly wishes to encourage courses and workshops in specialist technology areas in the broad field of structural/functional cell biology from Centres in Instruct member states.

In addition, Instruct would also be pleased to accept proposals for courses hosted from outside the Instruct member countries subject to the funding conditions defined below.

The training courses should be for 15-25 people (fewer participants would be acceptable for some practical workshop topics) and should be scheduled within the period 1/3/2013 to 31/3/2014. Topics should be relevant to structural biology with particular focus on technologies or approaches that broaden the field to functional biology and/or address structural resolution from atomic to macromolecular scales.

Instruct funding available:

Courses proposed by Instruct Centres in (Instruct) Member countries: Instruct will contribute to two approved training courses a sum of €4500 paid to the host Centre, that will support the participation of young researchers and fund general course expenses. The courses will be open to investigators at all levels and will be held at Instruct Centres.

Courses proposed from outside (Instruct) Member countries: Courses may be hosted by Instruct Centres or any other accredited institution in Europe within the research topics defined above. Three approved courses will be supported with funds up to €3000, which must be used exclusively to fund the attendance of young researchers from Instruct Member countries. Proposed courses in this category must have secured funding from other sources, and commit to offering a set number of places to participants from Instruct member countries.

Please submit a 2 page (max) proposal including the following details:

  • Title of the course
  • Venue and host Instruct Centre (or hosting institution if outside the Instruct consortium)
  • Aims of the course and expected impact for young researchers
  • Will this course allow participants (at least partly) to work with their own samples?
  • Proposed dates (or interval during which the course may be held)
  • Lead contact (for workshop organisation)
  • Outline course content (indicate lecture/practical content as applicable)
  • Number of participants anticipated
  • Suggested course tutors
  • Outline budget  (venue, catering, staff costs/fees, including an indication of accommodation costs for participants). For non-Instruct member proposals, please indicate the number of places available for Instruct participants).

Send proposals by email to

Applications should be submitted up to the 28th of September 2012 for courses being held between 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014.

Course proposals should adhere as far as possible with the criteria defined by EMTRAIN(an EU Innovative Medicines Initiative project, of which Instruct is a member). EMTRAIN is establishing a comprehensive online searchable database (on-course) of training courses that support European life sciences, both for academic and commercial scientists. Instruct has agreed to work with on-course in adopting their criteria of course quality to allow inclusion of our training courses in the database where appropriate. The criteria are set out below:

  • Defined and transparent admission criteria.
  • A predefined set of teaching objectives, leading to defined learning outcomes.
  • Adequate, appropriate and up to date facilities, infrastructure, leadership and competencies available for the support of student learning.
  • Assessment of the students' achievement in accordance with the agreed learning outcomes of the training offered.
  • A system for collecting, assessing and addressing feedback from learners, teachers, technical/administrative staff and programme/course/module managers.
  • Availability of appropriate and updated reference material