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European Research Infrastructures set to play a key role in addressing Horizon Europe Missions


As Europe prepares for the Commission’s most ambitious research and innovation funding programme to date, two recent position papers explain how European Research Infrastructures will help to deliver key scientific breakthroughs in the years ahead.  
European Research Infrastructures (EU RIs) are organisations that facilitate excellent science by providing access to cutting-edge technology and resources. Over many years, EU RIs have helped to deliver important research programmes to enhance Europe’s global competitiveness and improve lives across the world.
Instruct-ERIC, as the European Research Infrastructure Consortium for Structural Biology, has a key role in this research landscape, and is committed to work closely with other RIs to enable excellent science. 
In 2018, the European Commission (EC) announced Horizon Europe; an ambitious €100 billion research and innovation framework programme to succeed the Horizon 2020 programme, which made €80 billion of funding available between 2014 – 2020. 
For Horizon Europe, the Commission have adopted a mission-focussed approach to tackle some of the most pressing societal challenges facing the global population. In its strategic planning for Horizon Europe, the EC has recognised the importance of world-class research infrastructures in ‘reinforcing and extending the excellence of the Union's science base’. 
As part of the Horizon Europe framework, five specific mission areas have been identified: 
  • Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation 
  • Cancer 
  • Climate-neutral and smart cities 
  • Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters 
  • Soil health and food 
Reflecting on the goals of Horizon Europe, two position papers have recently been published, highlighting the importance of Research Infrastructures in achieving the key missions: 

The ERIC community and Horizon Europe Mission Areas

A position paper describing how the ERIC Forum, together with four preparatory ERICs, will contribute to the mission areas of Horizon Europe. 


Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe: a joint position paper to meet the 5 Horizon Europe mission

The ARIE (Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe) Joint Position Paper highlights how a common, complementary approach by Europe’s analytical RIs will help address the societal challenges of the Horizon Europe Missions. 


Undoubtedly, RIs are well placed to galvanise research and innovation projects across Europe and thereby contribute to the societal priorities identified in the new funding programme.