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ARIA 2.3 Released


We’re excited to announce our latest release of ARIA 2.3 


We’ve listened to you, and as a result this release brings some new features and design changes, along with many behind-the-scenes improvements. 

A brand new design for the visit details page

We’ve given the visit detail page a complete overhaul that we hope you'll love. This new design has been carefully crafted based on user testing and feedback, and we will be rolling the design out across all ARIA pages in the coming weeks and months. 

Each visit can now have multiple sessions containing workflows for a specific instrument or method. Workflows are fully customisable and consist of ‘checkpoints’ that can be worked through in sequence, helping you manage your processes as well as comply with ISO standards. 


New visit page design


Find things easier with enhanced filtering

We’ve put a lot of work into improving the filter. It's been redesigned with usability in mind to help you find the visit or proposal you're looking for more easily, faster, and on any device.


New filter

Access dashboard revamp phase 1

We’ve de-cluttered the access dashboard and implemented a single column layout that works better on various devices. This is the first iteration of this layout and a new design is already underway.


An all new dashboard for sessions 

The new session dashboard is a useful to-do list unifying booking and visit (sessions) in one place. Internal bookings as well as external visits can share the same workflows, and can be managed from one place. 


Session dashboard


Communicate with colleagues with the new notebook feature 

This feature gives you the ability to have discussions around each of the checkpoints in a session workflow.




Expenditure logging 

You now have the ability to log real world costs against each machine session. Use this for your own internal processes or for invoicing.


Customisable machine training levels 

You now have the ability to define your own user training levels and set their access accordingly. 


Faster load times 

We’ve improved load times on our visit dashboard to display all your visits in double-quick time.


New access feedback statistics 

You can now view aggregate reports of user and facility feedback which can be filtered by service, access route and centre.


And much more

Of course, we've also made lots of general improvements and bug fixes that we hope will help to improve your experience while using ARIA. We will be updating our help documentation and releasing a more detailed press release very soon.


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