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Hi All,

I'm looking for an easy way of managing the reagents that we continously generate. So far various excel sheets have done the job, but there must be other slightly more sophisticated software solutions out there.

So any input into which system to use would be greatly appreciated.






Posted on 12-Jan-2012 14:56 CET
Svend Kjaer

Hi Sven,

I don't know what requirements you have for this but I've been looking for a software tool myself which could be used for project/order management as well as lab data management and reporting to users and reviewers. I believe that in an ideal world there should be something that can do all of that without being bloated with a million extra features that you don't use (most company CRM/ERP software for the project/order/inventory management) and without being too expensive or offered only as a SaaS tool with your data on the server of the company.

There are some software packages out there that are specifically addressing core facility requirements but we have not tested those yet. If anyone has more info on that please let us know.



Posted on 12-Jan-2012 17:15 CET
Hüseyin Besir


We recently implemented LabCollector ( in our facility to manage history, data and storage of reagents we generate. In short, it's user friendly and not too expensive. It allows one to link primer, sequence, strains, plasmid, antibodies, storage etc which is useful for tracking. LabCollector is continuously developing new modules and one of them is Protein Tracking System. The idea is good but this module needs a lot more work to allow management of a protein in various expression systems.

Anyone else using LabCollector? i like to hear your views.



Posted on 17-Jan-2012 5:00 CET
Linda Lua

We are currently using BeeHive, but I recently became aware of an open source system that apparently is free of licenses.


I havnt looked much at it, but maybe it could suit your purposes




Posted on 19-Jan-2012 12:47 CET
Bjørn Voldborg

The continuous growth in the volume of data in labs,  business demands and focus on profits have made the LIMS providers to give special attention while developing any LIMS system that how it is handling electronic data exchanges. So in this growing profit oriented market you have to be very advanced in your lab data management software.

We would suggest you to care about following things before making your mind to acquire any LIMS System:-

1. how an instrument's input and output data is managed

2. how remote sample collection data is imported and exported

3. how mobile technology integrates with the LIMS


Thank You!

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