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List of P4EU members
Protein Expression Facilities in Europe_sep2011.doc

Here you can download the current list of protein expression facilities in Europe.

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
RNAsin protocol
21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
P4EU SURVEY May 2011
111206P4EU Survey.xls

The P4EU SURVEY from May 2011 has information about members that answered to the survey: name, facility, Institute, direction, e-mail, web-site.  Expertise of each member in different techniques, equipment or technology available in each facility; members interested in the organization or instructing in different courses. Ideas how to raise money. Members that can host courses. Members willing to train another member of the P4EU network. For more information about the Survey you can contact Mario Lebendiker. My suggestion is that new members can send me his data and we can add to the list

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
QC form for competent cells
Form for QC of competent cells.docx

This is a form I made to make us able to QC our in house made competent cells. Maybe it can be useful for others, too (see forum for discussion on this topic, too). Cheers!

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
Mailing List of Protein Facilities

Here is an updated file with the email addresses of all P4EU members (August 2012).

Please check if the file is complete and the addresses up to date or if there are labs that are missing.

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
Meeting schedule - Network Responsibilities
P4EU Follow-Up Kopenhagen.doc

Volunteer needed for the protein QA topic!

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
qPCR for Baculovirus titration
21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
His3C purification protocol
His-3C protocol 09_2013.pdf

Purification protocol for His-3C protease from E. coli (EMBL Heidelberg).

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST
Purification with minimal RNase activity

Example RNA binding protein purification until no detectable RNase activity.

21-Jun-2018 13:27 CEST