Instruct Training

Instruct offers a range of workshops delivered at Instruct Centres by internationally recognised experts.

Our education programme aims to train  European scientists in a raft of structural biology technologies, not just one specialism. These researchers will be able to integrate different technologies to open up new areas of research.

Each year in early autumn we open a call for training course proposals, from which we select a broad range to offer for the following year. 

In addition to the Instruct sponsored courses, we keep a database of structural biology training courses and conferences within the broader structural biology community, which we help to promote. See events.

The 2019 Instruct Training Programme is currently under development, and should be published in February 2019. Please consult this page later for full details. The 2018 programme is shown here for illustration purposes. 

2 Feb5 - 6 Apr14 - 18 May9 - 19 SeptInstruct-ULTRA / iNEXT Aria WorkshopNKI, Netherlands19-25 Feb1 - 4 May27 - 29 JuneAdvanced methods for the integration of diverse structural dataUniversity of Florence, ItalyInstruct / CISSB course on fragment screening using crystallography laboratory equipmentCentre of Molecular Structure, BIOCEV, Prague, Czech RepublicInstruct course on model building and refinement for high resolution EM Maps (4th Icknield workshop)CCISB Instruct UK, Research Complex at Harwell, UKOpen SESAME & Instruct workshop of Remote MX DataCollection using the Diamond Light Source (DLS, OXford) & the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF, Grenoble)Weixmann Institute of Science, Israel Instruct-I2PC-FEI: Facility based image processingfor Electron MicroscopyNational Centre for Biotechnology - CNB, SpainNanobodies4Instruct for Structural Biology and BeyondVIB-VUB Centre for Structural Biology (CSB) at the VrijeUniversiteit, Brussels