ARIA User Help Guide

What is ARIA?


ARIA is an acronym standing for Access to Research Infrastructure Administration. It was developed by Instruct to provide a cloud-based access management solution. ARIA has 4 core areas: Community, Access, Facilities and Data.

ARIA is also used by many different organisations including Instruct.

ARIA services include:

  • Management of the submission of research proposals
  • Management of the review of research proposals
  • Hosting of academic profiles
  • Management of service/technology access visits
  • Management of remote access to a service/technolgy
  • Access reporting
  • Jobs list
  • Events list
  • News items
  • Hosting of documents
  • Survey management and distribution
  • Reporting of survey responses
  • Messaging
  • Management of internal machine bookings
  • Management of user networks
  • User forums

For more information on ARIA cloud services please see the ARIA website. For information on how to register for an ARIA account please see the guide Registering for an ARIA account.

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