Success Criteria

All proposals will be handled by a Moderator who will assign Reviewers who are expert in the technologies proposed. The Reviewers' remit is to identify those projects that meet the criteria for Instruct support. These are:

  1. The proposers should describe an integrated structural biology approach, using two or more infrastructure technologies, even if they are only requesting access to a single Instruct platform.
  2. The project proposer must come from an Instruct member country or region.
  3. The project should be collaborative in nature – although some components can be undertaken as service work if this is more efficient and remote monitoring is available.
  4. The proposers agree to the terms and conditions of submission.

The evaluation panel will return their recommendations to the Moderator who will then liaise with the applicant. Once the initial proposal has been approved, further co-ordination is typically managed directly between the applicant and the infrastructure platform(s) with the support of the Secretary to the Board of Moderators as required.

Progress through the review system can be followed by the applicant via ‘My Account’ and ‘My messages’ in the proposer’s login area and email alerts will be generated at each review milestone. Technical review is typically required by each platform to assess technical feasibility, safety and scheduling. If a selected platform is unable to accommodate the project, the proposer will have the opportunity to select an alternative (if it is available within Instruct).

In certain cases, the reviewers may suggest alternative or additional Instruct technology platforms that they feel would add value to the project.

The complete guidelines followed by Moderators and Reviewers are available here. If you have questions specific to a proposal you are considering submitting, please contact us.

Review milestones

  • Proposal submitted
  • Proposal sent for review
  • Reviewers accept/request revision of proposal
  • Proposal approved

Publication and acknowledgement: "This work was supported by Instruct, part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and through national member agreements".