The Collaborative Computational Project for Electron cryo-Microscopy (CCP-EM, supports users and developers in biological EM. The three principal aims are [1]:

  • Build a community for computational aspects of cryo-EM. Provide a focus for the cryo-EM community to interact with other projects and initiatives in structural biology.
  • Support the users of software for cryo-EM through dissemination of information on available software, and directed training.
  • Support for software developers including porting, testing, and distribution of software.

CCP-EM has developed a software suite [2], available for Linux and Mac platforms from The suite includes tools for map improvement, building and refinement of atomic models, and pre-built binaries for Relion. Web services are being developed which will be integrated into the West-Life environment.

[1] Wood, C., Burnley, T., Patwardhan, A., Scheres, S., Topf, M., Roseman, A. & Winn, M. (2015). Acta Cryst. D71, 123-126.

[2] Burnley, T., Palmer, C.M. and Winn, M.D. (2017) “Recent developments in the CCP-EM software suite” Acta Cryst. D73 469-477.