West-Life applications on the Cloud Accelerated Platform

West-Life users can access to two EGI Federated Cloud sites hosting NVIDIA™ GPGPUs via the enmr.eu VO:

  • CESNET-MetaCloud
  • IISAS-GPUCloud

Scripts are available to instantiate GPGPU-enabled VMs on IISAS (CentOS7 or Ubuntu images with Tesla K20m GPUs) and CESNET (CentOS7 or Ubuntu images with M2090 GPUs) FedCloud sites, installing latest NVIDIA™ drivers and DisVis and/or PowerFit software: CESNET-create-VM.sh and IISAS-create-VM.sh

The scripts use the following user_data to contextualise the VMs in order to be ready to install the needed software: ansible_user_data_ubuntu and ansible_user_data_centos7. Do not forget to customise them by inserting your public ssh-key in the “users:” block (look at cloud-init example for understanding th syntax).

After having run the scripts above (voms-proxy-init -voms enmr.eu -r is required before executing them, from a host with an occi client installed), you have to:

  • ssh in the VM with your ssh-key
  • then sudo su –
  • and then execute ./install-gpu-driver.sh. Editing this script you can modify the driver number. Look at HERE the drivers for which the docker containes has been build.
  • After that the VM is ready to install the application software, by executing ./install-disvis.sh and/or ./install-powerfit.sh.

For Electron Microscopy a Virtual Appliance containing the Scipion framework can be found on the EGI AppDB. This image has GPGPU support and is endorsed by the enmr.eu VO. It can be used only at IISAS-GPUCloud since some of the packages included on Scipion framework will only work on the type of GPUs provided there (NVIDIA Tesla K20) .

More details on the IISAS implementation and use cases are available HERE