The West-life VRE can be deployed locally, or in the cloud.

Deploying West-life services:

Virtual Machine Services


Deploying on Amazon Cloud:

***Warning*** This procedure is for advanced users, who are familiar with cloud services, command line, and basic tasks such as SSHing into a remote machine.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a public cloud provider, which enables you to spin up virtual machines in the cloud, with total flexibility regarding the VM size and power. If you think your work computer is not powerful enough for your needs, you can leverage Amazon Web Services and run Westlife software on much bigger machines (ex: machines with 32 cores, 32GB of RAM etc). 

Please note that this is not about running a cluster of machines in the cloud, this is about running the Westlife VM on one single big Amazon cloud instance. 

AWS is made up of many different services. The one of interest for this procedure is the EC2 service, which enables you to spin up VMs. 

Step by step process: 

- If you don't have already an AWS account, create one on 

- Go to and download the Westlife VM Virtualbox image (.OVA file)

- AWS provides a VM import service - use this to import the Westlife VM image into your AWS account, as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image): 

- Then in your EC2 interface, spin up a VM from this AMI. Choose the size that suits your needs, and firewall settings that suit your situation. If not sure, allow only SSH

- You can then SSH into your machine, and use Westlife software.


Deploying a public instance of the West-life virtual folder: 

Virtual folder installation instructions

For the two files:



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