About Instruct-ERIC

What is Instruct-ERIC?

Instruct-ERIC is a pan-European distributed research infrastructure making high-end technologies and methods in structural biology available to users.

Our aim is to promote innovation in biomedical science and operates on a non-economic basis within the scope of the ERIC Regulation.

Instruct-ERIC is comprised of 11 Member States: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and United Kingdom and three Observers: Greece, Sweden and EMBL as an Observer International Organisation.

Instruct-ERIC provides open access to cutting edge structural biology, specifically supporting research that uses integrated approaches and technologies. It operates with the following principles: a) scientific excellence is our priority in the services we provide and the research we support; b) transparency, equality and legality is the cornerstone of our operational model. 

The history of Instruct-ERIC

Instruct began in the European Research Infrastructure Preparatory Phase of the ESFRI roadmap, followed by a transitional phase and into the operational phase from 2012. Instruct was recognised as a Landmark Project on the 2016 ESFRI Roadmap.

Access to the Instruct infrastructure, expertise and methods is available to all researchers from Instruct Member countries.

Access is granted subject to scientific peer review and is available either:


For basic or pre-competitive research (users agree to publication of data; access is funded by Instruct)


On a service basis for commercial use (user access is on a fee for service basis; no obligation to disclose or publish data)

Access to Instruct infrastructure can help advance your research

More than 450 peer reviewed publications acknowledge
Instruct infrastructure.

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Who’s behind Instruct and how we fit within the wider structural biology research community.
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What is Structural Biology?

A brief introduction to this field of research for those in the broader life science community.
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Instruct for Industry

Providing cost-effective access to cutting-edge technology for those working in industry. How to apply for access.
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How Instruct
is Funded

Who funds Instruct-ERIC?

Will it fund access and training services for me?        

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Our History

Instruct has operated since 2012, providing access and training to users. We have built a large user community and train the next generation of structural biologists.
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Biennial Conference

The next European Structural Biology conference hosted by Instruct-ERIC will be 22-24 May 2019, in Madrid Spain.

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