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Proposal Guidelines

Application step by step

Step 1. Select ASSEMBLE Plus research services

Select one category of research services (e.g. Ecosystem access) which will be required to undertake the project you propose.  

A list of available access providers will appear. For each access provider, a list of available research services will be shown. When selecting a research service (squared box, “machine/method” in the application form) a brief description will appear. Browse the research services and read their brief descriptions to find out the ones more appropriate to your project.

Confirm the research services you have selected by clicking on the round checkbox above the ASSEMBLE Plus logo. You can add other research services needed for your project clicking on “Save & Add another” (bottom of the page) or continue with the next step of your application, clicking of “Add and Continue”.

Step 2. Confirm selection

Check the research services chosen in the previous step. You can remove a research service clicking on the red cross. You can add another one clicking on “Add Another Service/Technology”. For some research services you can indicate if the access will be on-site (physical) or remote.

Step 3. Proposal details

Fill here the details of your project. Click on the question marks for help text about a specific field in the proposal. You can save your proposal clicking on the green button at the bottom of the page “Save Proposal”. When all the fields are completed, click on “Save & Continue”.

4. Your research team

Add here other people involved in the group of your project. The persons in the “research team” can view and edit your proposal. “Principal Investigator” is the Project leader, so you as responsible of the project and the main user. The “Home Lab Colleagues” the other users in your project.

5. Exclude reviewers

Exclude reviewers that may have conflict of interest with your project. The list of members of the User Selection Panel is available at the following link:

6. Confirm proposal

Please review your proposal carefully before submitting it. Once you submit you can access your dashboard to check and follow its status.  

7. Accept Terms & Conditions

You are about to finalise your proposal submission. Once this step is performed you will not be able to modify any aspect of the proposal. By submitting this proposal you signify you have both read and have agreed to all of the terms of submission of ASSEMBLE Plus.

8. Proposal Submitted

You can view all of your submitted proposals in your dashboard and view and track this proposal by selecting 'View Proposal' from your dashboard. You will be notified by email about the result of your application in 7-8 weeks after the deadline of submission.


If you have any questions or doubt, please feel free to contact the ASSEMBLE Plus Access Office at

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