RI-VIS project logo competition

About our project

Project Name

Our project is called “RI-VIS” in short. The full name of the project is Expanding Research Infrastructure Visibility to StrengthenStrategic Partnerships.

What is a Research Infrastructure?

A research infrastructure is a grouping of related services and resources for research in a particular field e.g. Marine Biology.

Research infrastructures may be either single-site (this could be a single institute with services on offer), distributed (where multiple facilities work together to provide a group of services, sometimes coordinated by a central “hub”), or “electronic” (where computational resources and services are provided, often online).

The Research Infrastructures involved in the RI-VIS project are in the general fields of biology, medicine, social science and environmental science, however our scope is broader than this, and covers research infrastructures in all sectors.

Project Mission

Our mission is to increase awareness and prominence ofResearch Infrastructures and the services they provide to new audiences, especially new international audiences. It would be good to include the themes of internationalisation and visibility in our logo if possible.


As the project is about expanding visibility we have a number of different audiences we wish to target:

  • ·      Policy makers (e.g. Governments, Funding agencies)
  • ·      Other Research Infrastructures
  • ·      Scientists
  • ·      International audiences
  • ·      Industrial scientists
  • ·      Members of the general public with interest in science

Logo specifications

  • ·      The logo must include the project name “RI-VIS”
  • ·      Any font used in the logo should be sans-serif
  • ·      The logo should appear modern and innovative to reflect the innovative nature of research infrastructures.
  • ·      The logo will be used on web materials, print materials including reports, presentation slides and social media.
  • ·      The logo needs to be scalable for these different uses.
  • ·      For the main logo we prefer an aspect ratio close to 1x3, with a square variant also provided.

Colour Preferences

We include the EU flag in our dissemination materials therefore the colour pallet should be decided with this in mind. Otherwise we are open to suggestions of possible colour themes.

Call Submission Guidelines

To submit an entry for our logo competition you must provide the logo in both a raster image format (png, bmp, jpg), and a vector image format (pdf, svg, ai). You should also provide a "square version" of the logo for use in social media avatars (this can be in any image file format).

By submitting a logo to this competition you consent to the use of the logo by the RI-VIS project. Any logo submitted will become the property of the RI-VIS project. RI-VIS reserves the right to make alterations to the winning logo prior to use.

If you have any questions about this competition please contact coordinator@ri-vis.eu

Call Closes:
31-Mar-2019 13:00 CEST

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