Podcast Series: 2nd Best Practice in CryoEM Workshop

In October 2018, NeCEN hosted the Instruct 2nd Best Practice in CryoEM Workshop. Supported by Instruct-ULTRA, the aim was to share best practices between cryoEM centres for the delivery of services to academia and companies. Focus was given towards operations, remote control, efficient usage of the machines and live processing in two separate sessions followed by round table discussions. Day one began with four speakers presenting their facilities and how they operate (eBIC, EMBL Heidelberg, Leeds Astbury, Stockholm SciLifeLab). Plenaries followed with presentations on the status of cryoEM in Brazil and at the ESFR in Grenoble, France. Presentations on the second day looked at how four centres approach the issue of image processing, including live processing (IGBMC Strasbourg, CNB Madrid, Tsinghua University China, MPI Gottingen Germany).


An update on eBIC

Length: 28 minutes        Presenter: Dr Daniel Clare, Instruct-UK

Dr Daniel Clare from University of Oxford gives an update on the CryoEM facilities at eBIC.

CryoEM at Leeds

Length: 35 minutes        Presenter: Dr Rebecca Thompson

Dr Rebecca Thompson from Astbury University introduces the CryoEM facility at Leeds.

Unified EM setup: the benefits of SerialEM for facilities

Length: 30 minutes        Presenter: Dr Wim Hagan, from EMBL Heidelberg

Dr Wim Hagen from EMBL Heidelberg describes the benefits of serialEM for research facilities.

Current status and perspectives of cryo-EM in Brazil

Length: 37 minutes        Presenter: Dr Rodrigo Portugal

Dr Rodrigo Portugal discusses the current status and perspectives of Cryo-EM in Brazil.

Cryo-EM at the European Synchrotron

Length: 17 minutes        Presenter: Dr Cristoph Mueller-Dickmann, from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Dr Cristoph Mueller-Dickmann describes the Cryo-EM at the European synchrotron.

Pipeline data collection at the IGBMC cryo-EM platform

Length: 24 minutes        Presenter: Dr Ottilie von Loeffelholz

Dr Ottilie von Loeffelholz gives a talk on the collection of pipeline data at the IGMBC Cryo-EM Platform.

Scipion for facilities

Length: 40 minutes        Presenter: Dr Pablo Conesa

Dr Pablo Conesa discusses the use of scipions for facilities

System for high-throughput cryo-EM at atomic resolution

Length: 35 minutes        Presenter: Dr Xueming Li, from the University of Tsinghua

Dr Xueming Li from University of Tsinghua gives a talk on the systems for high-throughout Cryo-EM at atomic resolution

Cryo-EM data pre-processing at full Warp

Length: 28 minutes        Presenter: Dr Dmitry Tegunov

Dr Dmitry Tegunov discusses Cryo-EM data pre-processign at full warp

Swedish national Cryo-EM facility

Length: 34 minutes        Presenter: Dr Marta Carroni, from the University of Stockholm

Dr Marta Carroni describes the current Swedish national Cryo-Em facility in Stockholm

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