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About Protein production with Isotope Labelling for NMR, Helsinki, Finland

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Segmental isotopic labeling enables a specific section (e.g. N-terminal, central, or C-terminal regions) within a protein to be selectively isotope-labeled for NMR investigation, thereby reducing the NMR signal complexity for large proteins and proteins with repeating sequences. Segmental isotopic labeling can be particularly useful for multi-domain proteins, intrinsically disordered proteins with low complexity regions. The service includes planning, training construction of vectors, production, and analysis of segmental isotopic labeled samples of proteins. We currently offer intein-based approaces as well as enzymatic approaches, depending on properties of target proteins. Segmental isotopic labeling can also be utilized for structural analysis by neutron-scattering.

Instruments Available:

We provide vector construction service and feasibility tests for segmental isotopic labeling. 

Bruker 850MHz Avance IIIHD is equipped with 24 sample exchanger. TCI-cryogenic probe or TXI-probe with xyz gradient.

Instruct Centre

University of Helsinki

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences & HiLIFE-Institute of Biotechnology

Viikinkaari 9

00790, Helsinki


Protein production with Isotope Labelling for NMR, Helsinki, Finland


Hideo Iwai
Hideo Iwai
University of Helsinki
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