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A fully automated crystallisation pipeline to achive high-throughput with short crystallisation plate...

Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy:

The high-resolution electron microscope has evolved into a sophisticated instrument that is capable of...



Imaging techniques including fluorescence microscopy provide an efficient and unique approach to study...

Magnetic Resonance Techniques

Magnetic Resonance Techniques:

NMR allows three-dimensional structural and dynamic information to be obtained in conditions as close...

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry:

Mass spectrometry is the dominant technology in the field of proteomics, enabling the indentification...

Molecular Biophysics

Molecular Biophysics:

Instruct offer a wide range of techniques to study macromolecular interactions, including circular dichroism,...

Nanobody Discovery

Nanobody Discovery:

Nanobodies are single chain antibodies which have revolutionary applications in structural biology. Our...

Protein Production

Protein Production:

Instruct offers a wide range of expression systems for recombinant proteins including Bacterial, Baculovirus,...

Proteomic Mass Spectrometry

Proteomic Mass Spectrometry:

Identifying and quantifying cellular proteins

X-Ray Techniques

X-Ray Techniques:

Instruct-ERIC offer a wide range of X ray approaches to determine the three dimensional shape of proteins...