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Scientists from Instruct-IL visited the Centre of Molecular Structure at BIOCEV (Instruct-CZ)


Prof. Joel Sussman (lead of Instruct Centre Israel) and Dr. Orly Dym from the Weizmann Institute of Science visited the BIOCEV interested in the D8 Venture diffractometer with its unique combination of high-flux liquid Gallium anode X-ray source, Photon II detector and the ISX plate for in-situ diffraction tests and data collection. All instruments are part of the BIOCEV´s Core Facility – Centre of Molecular Structure (CMS), operated by the Institute of Biotechnology (Czech Academy of Sciences). Pavel Martásek, BIOCEV Director said of the visit: “This successful visit is a good example of the BIOCEVs international cooperation. In this case, a collaboration between the two Instruct groups”

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