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Report of Instruct Networking Activities for the month of September


The Instruct Hub Coordinator participated in the CORBEL Workpackages 5 planning teleconference 7th September, ahead of a scheduled face to face meeting on October 16th In Munich. Instruct co-leads Workpackage 5 with BBMRI.


The Instruct Business Working Group, chaired by Ondrej Hradil of CEITEC, met in Brussels 8-9th September. The Group is tasked by the Instruct Council with drafting a Business plan for Instruct looking forward 5-10 years which will be integrated into the sustainability strategy for Instruct.


The Scientific Organising Committee was appointed for the 3rd Instruct Biennial Conference to be held in Brno, Czech Republic in May 2017. The Committee will formulate the programme of speakers for the Conference.


The Instruct Business Working Group met with Paul Tuinder from the EC ERIC office, DG-Research and Innovation on 9th September in Brussels to discuss the Instruct-ERIC application. ERIC status is a key objective for the Instruct Business Plan.


The Instruct Hub interviewed 5 candidates for the post of Administrative assistant to work in the Instruct Hub office in Oxford, UK replacing the previous post-holder. The new assistant is expected to be in post by 1stNovember.


The Instruct Access Committee, chaired by Joop van den Heuvel from Braunschweig, met by teleconference on 16th September. The Committee will draft a paper to be submitted to the Executive Committee clarifying new access procedures.


The Instruct Project Manager attended the UK Horizon2020 Research Infrastructure 2015 information event at the Natural History Museum in London, UK. New UK representatives on the EC Work Programme Committees and with responsibility for RIs at the UK Ministry for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) were introduced.


The Instruct Hub Coordinator participated in the 1st CORBEL Executive Board teleconference on September 21st. The meeting addressed initial practicalities and project management issues for CORBEL. The strategic role of the BMS RI Strategy Board in engaging with the personalised medicine aspect of the Junkers plan was discussed.


The Instruct Project Manager attended the Feedback meeting with the ECin Brussels to discuss simplification issues in the H2020 workprogramme in submission, project management and reporting procedures.


Upcoming events:

October 2015:

  • iNEXT Kick-off meeting, Utrecht 1-2nd October: Instruct is a beneficiary partner of iNEXT
  • Instruct R&D award selection panel teleconference 8th October: to decide the awards in the third call
  • H2020 Funding Opportunities in the Health arena, Oxford UK 14thOctober: early indication of topics for 2017
  • CORBEL WP5 face to face meeting Munich October 16th: planning meeting and timelines for delivery. Instruct is a beneficiary partner of CORBEL.
  • Instruct Executive Committee meeting (Videocon) 21st October
  • Instruct-ERIC meeting of Ministerial representatives at the MRC office in London UK, 23rd October. The meeting will discuss final comments before submission of the application.