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RDA IG Structural Biology to discuss the life cycle of structural biology data


The Research Data Alliance's Interest Group on structural biology will meet during the RDA's 9th Plenary meeting.

Since the first implementation of this IG, new archives for experimental data have been established, many more cryo electron microscopy facilities are being installed and projects using combined techniques have become significantly more common. The meeting will discuss the implications of these developments. In particular, we will evaluate the relationship between the newly implemented and the "traditional" data archives for structural biologists, and their different usage scenarios for individual laboratories and large-scale research infrastructures. We will also address data deposition to these archives in the context of the FAIR principles , and the corresponding implications for software developers and e-infrastructure providers. Finally, we will identify what is the status of the development of metadata for combined structural techiques, and what is the gap for their implementation in public data archives.

  • Chris Morris, STFC
  • John Helliwell, Emeritus Prof of Chemistry, University of Manchester.
  • Geerten Vuister, CCPN, Professor of Structural Biology, University of Leicester
  • Pablo Conseca, Biocomputing Unit, National Centre for Biotechnology, CSIC
  • Sameer Velankar, Team Leader, Protein Data Bank in Europe, EBI
  • Antonio Rosato, CERM

The meeting will discuss a report on The Life Cycle of Structural Biology Data.Instruct members are also invited to add comments to the report.

More details of RDA Structural Biology IG Meeting.