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Prototype of volume-matching software launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of the prototype for BioMedBridges volume/shape-matching software. This is a major milestone for the BioMedBridges Use Case "From cells to molecules - integrating structural data". In the first instance the prototype will perform volume matching on example datasets. This is the fruit of the Instruct Centre for Computational Structural Biology at the Harwell Campus, UK working together with the other eleven biomedical sciences research infrastructures developing a shared e-infrastructure to allow data integration in the biological, medical, translational and clinical domains. The software will help with the automated identification of structural shapes relative to biological entities.

The service is novel in providing access to volume data, a growing class of structural biology data. Development work on the prototype has clarified the requirements for the web-based shape-matching service, which is scheduled to be launched in March 2015.

Feedback on the software from potential end users of the web-based service is welcome. Please contact Martyn Winn.

A detailed report on the milestone is available here.