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Prime-XS offering proteomics technologies to the Instruct community


The August 2014 issue of the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics has featured a large collection of articles describing recent research findings from investigators supported by the European Union-funded proteomics infrastructure consortium PRIME-XS.

PRIME-XS is infrastructure project funded through the EU 7th Framework Programme, which started in February 2011. Its twelve partners, all leading in the field of proteomics, have provided access to their technology at six access facilities, distributed over Europe over the past years. In addition, the partners in the consortium have developed new technologies to better aid the research community in answering current day scientific questions, and have organized a wide range of meetings, courses and training events. The project is also associated with Instruct to offer its proteomics technologies to the Instruct community.

Since its start, the project has hosted over 100 external user projects and in the project has resulted in almost 200 publications. The August 2014 issue of the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics is a special issue of the journal dedicated to PRIME-XS, with an editorial explaining the background and overall results of the project and 19 research articles resulting from the user projects and the research activities from the consortium partners.

The MCP issue on PRIME-XS can be found online here: