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Nominations requested for ISGO Executive Committee


The ICSG 2015 meeting "Deep sequencing meets structural biology" took place on the campus of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, home of the Israel Instruct Centre, on June 7-11, with a high attendance and superb talks, discussions and social events.
At the ICSG 2015 there was also a open meeting of the ISGOThe ISGO Executive Committee is composed of Instruct Centres leads Lucia Banci and Joel Sussman and Aled Edwards, Jennifer Martin, Tom Terwilliger, and Shigeyuki Yokoyama.  The Executive Committee is elected by ISGO members for 4-year (or two ICSG meetings) terms. ISGO is asking for nominations for three members to replace Aled Edwards, Jennifer Martin, and Joel Sussman, as their terms are expiring.  These members may be nominated again, or new members may be nominated.  One candidate from Asia, one from Europe, and one from the Americas will be selected by vote of the ISGO membership. Nominations that will ensure a diverse leadership team are encouraged. Nominations can be sent to any ISGO Executive Committee member and are due Sept. 1, 2015.