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In Road: A New Horizon 2020 project contributing to the harmonisation of European Research Infrastructures


Prof Lucia Banci (Instruct Deputy Director) is a member of the Reflection Group of the H2020 Project InRoad. The group consists in an expert and skilled group consisted of representatives of the main bodies and stakeholder organisations involved in funding, priority setting or evaluation of RI as well as representatives of relevant RI from all around Europe.

On 15-16th January 2018, Lucia Banci participated to the InRoad workshops in Brussels, the second of a series to engage with the relevant stakeholders involved in national decision-making and evaluation practices for research infrastructures.

Among the objectives of the workshop there was that of interactively discuss, review and validate the InRoad Consultation Report and linked preliminary policy insights with the attendants and to critically discuss, review and validate the InRoad policy brief in the light of the European Commission’s report about the long-term sustainability of research infrastructures.

InRoad is a project funded under Horizon 2020 that aims to support Research Infrastructure (RI) policy development in terms of exchange of best practices for national roadmap drafting and evaluation procedures for RI in order to promote comparability and synchronisation of national procedures and a possible harmonisation evaluation mechanisms.