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EMBL announced as new Instruct-ERIC member


We are delighted to announce that the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has joined Instruct-ERIC as a new member, following ratification by Instruct-ERIC and by the EMBL Councils. Instruct-ERIC and EMBL have a strong, shared history of working together in the fields of molecular and structural biology.

Instruct-ERIC is the single point of access to technology and expertise for structural biology research. Through its specialist research centres in Europe, Instruct-ERIC offers funded research visits, training, internships and R&D awards. By promoting integrative methods, Instruct-ERIC enables excellent science and technological development for the benefit of all life scientists.

EMBL is a pioneering research institution and Europe’s flagship laboratory for the life sciences. Funded by public research funds from its member countries, EMBL is involved in molecular biology research, training and services.

P14 Beamline at EMBL Hamburg. (Photo by Udo Ringeisen)

The new partnership between EMBL and Instruct-ERIC will mean that all staff, researchers and students at EMBL research sites are eligible to apply for funded research visits to all Instruct sites. Additionally, it is anticipated that EMBL will offer high-end structural biology techniques through the Instruct catalogue.

“EMBL scientists were strong supporters of establishing Instruct and so we are delighted that they are now joining as our first intergovernmental organisation member, and look forward to their contribution to further enhance Instruct-ERIC's impact on European structural biology” remarked Prof Dave Stuart, the Director of Instruct-ERIC.

EMBL Director General Edith Heard said: “Connecting EMBL’s research, data and research services and training to those of Instruct-ERIC will strengthen both collaborations for the benefit of research, industry and the citizens of Europe. Instruct-ERIC’s specialization in structural biology will enhance EMBL’s work in the field, and will benefit and strengthen the other components of EMBL’s global activities.”

Prof David Stuart, Director of Instruct-ERIC, and Prof Stephen Cusack, Head of EMBL Grenoble Outstation, working together in strategic planning for European life science research during a meeting in Portugal 2019.

Prof Stephen Cusack, Head of EMBL Grenoble anticipates new opportunities, “It's great that EMBL has finally joined Instruct-ERIC! This will boost co-operation across Europe to develop state-of-the-art infrastructures for the benefit of the structural biology community.”

Prof Stephen K. Burley, Chair of the Instruct-ERIC International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) added “The ISAB congratulates the leadership of Instruct-ERIC and EMBL for their joint success in establishing such a valuable technical and scientific partnership.”

For more information about Instruct services, consult the Instruct-ERIC catalogue.