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Diamond: Call for Proposals on XChem fragment screening


Diamond is inviting proposals for performing crystal-based fragment screening at Diamond's XChem facility at beamline I04-1, for the next allocation period (December 2016 to April 2017).

The deadline for proposals is MONDAY 19 SEPTEMBER, 9AM.

Submit your application via this page.

Full details of the facility are available here; since opening for users in 2015, it has hosted over 20 users from academia and industry, with over 30 experiments (>20,000 crystals) consistently yielding credible, high quality fragment hits. With the right crystals, it'll keep you busy for less than a few weeks; and you get lots of support and advice.

Past proposals were accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated for technical suitability. Now, with the experiment's effectiveness conclusively demonstrated, the next proposals will be selected competitively according to the strength of the scientific case, and there will be periodic calls with submission deadlines.