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Denmark is new Instruct Member


Congratulations to Denmark on signing the Instruct International Consortium Agreement to be eligible as latest Instruct Member. Denmark will join 11 other countries that benefit from access to supported high level infrastructure for structural biology at Instruct Centres. David Stuart, Instruct Director, said that this is "wonderful news" and looks forward to congratulating the Danish structural biologist community at the Benzon Symposium in Copenhagen, August 24-27th 2015.

Denmark's Instruct Membership will allow any researcher in Denmark to apply for access to Instruct facilities at Instruct Centres across Europe. Support costs are met by Instruct to allow a researcher to travel to an Instruct Centre for an access project, and provide some consumable support for the work undertaken. Expert staff at the Instruct Centre will chaperone the work, ensuring the best outcome for the visitor. Multiple access 'visits' allow researchers to use several Instruct facilities as part of their project using an integrated technology appeoach.

Danish scientists will be able to apply to host training courses (Instruct funded) and Danish participants can apply to attend Instruct training and conference events (Instruct fellowships available).

Congratulations Denmark - Welcome to Instruct.