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Commissioning Call now Open Diamond B24


B24: Full field cryo soft -X-ray microscopy for the life sciences is now accepting proposals for the period Jan 2016 to March 2016. 

Since this is a commissioning period for the beamline preference will be given to those who are either experienced in cryo soft X-ray microscopy or in the preparation of samples for cryo electron tomography.  The amount of beamtime available will be limited to approximately 20% of the available time. Interested users should submit a rapid access application and submit these to the User Office ( before Weds 6 Jan 2016

It is important to note that the microscope is operating at500eV with a 40nm zone plate.

Further information can be found on the beamline web page. Potential users are encouraged to contact the Principal Beamline Scientist, Liz Duke, to discuss the suitability of their application prior to submitting their proposal. 

The call deadline is 17:00 Weds 6 Jan 2016

Another call for applications will be made in April for the period May – July.