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Call open: Apply for funds to use Instruct-ERIC structural biology infrastructure


Information on molecular structure provides insight in many areas of research including functional pathways.

Proposals for funded access to the full set of Instruct facilities are now invited.

Are you new to structural biology research? This fast-developing technology field may offer new approaches to further your work.

Do you have local or national access to ALL the structural biology instrumentation you need for your research? You might qualify for access to some of the best structural biology facilities in Europe.

Instruct has 9 Instruct Centres around Europe and in Israel offering access to a full range of advanced technologies for obtaining structural and dynamic information on systems in various dimensions, complexity and resolution. Instruct also ensures expert support at the facility for the best research outcome.

Access to the infrastructure at Instruct Centres is provided for all Instruct members and there are no charges for use of the Infrastructure instrumentation or the expert support for scientists from Instruct Countries . Consumable costs, accommodation and travel are supported by Instruct funds up to a maximum of €1500 per visit. In some cases, additional funds may be requested from the user to cover exceptional consumable costs and these should be negotiated between the user and the host Instruct Centre before work commences.

Academic students and scientists who are working in laboratories of any of the Instruct member countries (presently BE, CZ, DK, FR, IL, IT, NL, PT, SK, ES, UK) are eligible to apply for access. Proposals should outline an integrated programme of research that requires one or more Instruct technologies to achieve the aims of the project, and which are not ordinarily available in your own institution or through national facilities. All proposals are evaluated quickly on scientific merit.

Register on the Instruct website and submit your proposal online. Further information is available on the Instruct website.

The deadline for this round of proposal submission is 5pm CEST, 30th September 2018.

The Instruct Operations Team