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A new iNEXT access modality for enhanced support on X-ray structure determination is now open!


From macromolecular sample to X-ray data collection. This novel access modality, hosted at the EMBL Hamburg and Grenoble Units, will provide for the first time in the context of an EC-funded project transnational access to hands-on assistance for sample characterisation and crystallisation trials, leading to structural data via crystallography solution and/or small angle scattering.

The users are expected to have a macromolecular sample that has already underwent some initial characterisation, and ideally to have performed initial crystallisation trials with promising results. If users cannot obtain such data in their home laboratory, they can first request a ‘Structural Audit’ via iNEXT that can provide a report that can be automatically included to this application for pushing the project forward towards obtaining more extensive structural data. Successful “Structural Audits” will be fast-tracked towards extended support via this or other modalities.

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