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2018 Instruct-ERIC internships announced


Instruct-ERIC is delighted to announce the successful applicants for the 2018 Internship call. The Instruct Internship Programme funds research visits of 3-6 months duration to Instruct Centres in Europe. The aim is to facilitate valuable collaborations with Instruct research groups applying techniques that are not available in the applicant’s laboratory. Applications should specifically focus on the benefit to the applicant’s research. Internships may be hosted at any institution that hosts an Instruct Centre, providing the applicant is a resident of a different full Instruct member country at the time of making the application.

2018 Internship proposals accepted:

  • Diogo Athayde, Portugal - Internship at Instruct Centre Spain I2PC
  • Ritu Raj Kumar, Israel - Internship at Instruct Centre UK OPIC
  • Ane Martinez, Spain - Internship at Instruct Centre UK Diamond Light Source
  • Phuong Pham Ngoc, Czech Republic - Internship at Instruct France 2 IBS
  • Pascal Albanese, Italy -Internship at Instruct Centre NL Utrecht University