EOSC-Life Digital Life Science Open Call Addendum

Legal details for successful projects

Successful project applicants will be linked to the EOSC-Life project consortium if they are not already within the consortium via contracts to transfer resources to their institution for the project work to be carried out. Signatories of these contracts will be the applicant’s institute and one of the two institutions within EOSC-Life running this call and holding the budget, Instruct-ERIC or EMBL. In cases where the main applicants would like to include project team members (see also further below) outside of their own institution and assign part of the resources to them, it is the responsibility of the main applicant to put the respective legal contracts in place. EOSC-Life partners will only establish the contract with the main applicant.

For successful applicants already within the EOSC-Life consortium, budget will be transferred internally between the applying beneficiary and either Instruct-ERIC or EMBL.

Projects must not be double-funded. In alignment with H2020 financial rules the total amount of personnel costs claimed from the Digital Life Science Open Call or in other EU and Euratom grants for a person for a year must NOT be higher than the total personnel costs recorded for that person for that year.


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