Sf/Hi5 genome sequencing

Dear all,

please let me know if you think we should also go for the Hi5 cell line to check, e.g. what makes them better for secretion. Some of you have expressed their interest in getting the sequence of this cell line too.
One thing we need to clarify for this is whether we should use the cells that have been found to contain a latent virus or one of the virus-free cell lines. I don't know if the virus is involved in any processes that lead to better secretion, in which case it would be useless to sequence the virus-free Hi5.
Please let me know your comments, expecially if you have experimental data with comparison of Hi5 with and without latent virus using the same construct.

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Posted on 25-Jul-2014 16:07 CEST
Hüseyin Besir

Hi Hueseyin,

I would be interested in getting the Hi5 genome sequence as well.  I am not sure which line to choose (with virus or without).  I would say if everyone is using the one with virus incorporated that we should sequence that one.




Posted on 22-Aug-2014 8:22 CEST
Peggy Stolt-Bergner