shakers for 24-well plates

Hi everyone,

We would like to start growing insect cells in 24-well plates, but I am wondering what type of shakers and what rpm people are using for this?  As I understand it, one needs high rpm (450 or so?), and our standard shakers can only go up to 300 rpm.






Posted on 12-Oct-2012 18:36 CEST
Peggy Stolt-Bergner

Hi Peggy,

I'm not sure if you really need that high speed shaking for insect cells. Have a look at this paper ( where they describe the 24 deep-well plate expression in insect cells, I think they use it at 250 rpm, if I remember correctly. I hope that helps.

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Posted on 17-Oct-2012 12:11 CEST
Hüseyin Besir

Hi Peggy,


sorry for catching up on this so late!

We are growing Sf9 and Hi5 in 24well blocks (5mL) using "standard" shakers like e.g. the Infors Minitron. Had to play around a bit to prevent cells from settling or otherwise spilling media, which has led to us shaking everything at 250rpm.

Protecting your cultures from evaporation turned out to be a crucial factor in our case. We now use plastic sample-storage boxes that neatly encapsule one culture plate each and a bit of wet tissue as a humidified chamber. Works great!

Hope this is still of use to you!


Posted on 14-Nov-2012 14:05 CET
Tim Bergbrede

Hey Peggy


Sorry for being even later to catch up.

We have been growing S2 cells in GlasCol shakers in 96 (and 24, I think) wells with great succes. Wian should know more about this, he may not be in the forum that often, but you could try to contact him directly.




Posted on 14-Nov-2012 15:22 CET
Bjørn Voldborg

Not sure if it's useful for you Peggy, but the Infors incubators (e.g. minitrons) can be programmed to run up to 400 rpm, but they need to be programmed by service personell.

Posted on 06-Dec-2012 11:32 CET
Gro Bjerga