Instruct-NL approved as Dutch National Affiliate Centre


Today, June 13, 2011, Instruct-NL has been approved as an official National Affilate Center for the Instruct consortium. Instruct-NL submmited its application to become a National Affliate Centre on January 31, 2011 to the INSTRUCT Office.
Instruct-NL ( aims to serve as a national organization encompassing all main areas of structural biology research within the Netherlands. Organizing access to structural biology infrastructures at the national level will allow us to more effectively interact with scientists as well as with national funding agencies and with relevant ministries. To effectively serve as a National Affiliate Centre, Instruct-NLL encompasses not a single research group or institute, but is an umbrella organization of several partners and therefore also covers a wide range of structural biology techniques, expertise and research topics.
Over the next months, Instruct-NL aims to secure membership of the Netherlands to Instruct, start organizing workshops in the field of structural biology and aims to streamline access in the Netherlands to the facilities for structural biology related technology that are bundled in Instruct-NL.