This is site for Instruct-NL, a community for structural biology researchers in the Netherlands and the host of the Instruct Centre of the Netherlands. Instruct-NL aims to serve as a community for all structural biology researchers in the Netherlands and to provide and streamline access to the existing structural biology facilities in the Netherlands. Instruct-NL covers many areas of structural biology, including X-ray protein crystallography and small angle X-ray scattering, solution-state NMR and solid-state NMR, native mass spectrometry, proteomics biomolecular modeling, cryo-transmission electron microscopy and protein expression and crystallization.

Instruct-NL aims to organize workshops and meetings, and streamlines access to the participating structural biology infrastructures in the Netherlands, please sign up for our mailinglist to stay up-to-date with Instruct-NL activities.
For more information on Instruct-NL, please contact us via email or look here for an overview of the facilities that are offered by Instruct-NL. 

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