Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe

The Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe (ARBRE) is an open pan-European network which aims to bring together academic and industrial research infrastructures, core facilities and resource labs that provide access to biophysical instrumentation and expertise for the molecular-scale characterization of biological systems. It is currently partnered with the COST Action 15126 "Between Atom and Cell: Integrating Molecular Biophysics Approaches for Biology and Healthcare" (MOBIEU) whose website can be accessed here.

The network has generated a community focused on broadening expertise and inspiring novel methodological development. It addresses all scientists and technicians who utilize biophysical instrumentation to characterize the intrinsic properties of biological macromolecules and the assemblies in which they are involved.

The scope of technologies includes (but is not limited to):

  • hydrodynamic approaches: analytical ultracentrifugation, light scattering (dynamic and static), SAXS-SANS, microscale thermophoresis, electrophoretic mobility, precision viscometry, ...
  • spectroscopies: fluorescence, infrared, circular dichroism, Raman, electron spin resonance, NMR (for other aims than structure determination)...
  • real-time biosensing based on: surface plasmon resonance, interferometry (DPI, BLI, BSI), QCM, plasmon waveguide resonance, ...
  • fast and ultra-fast kinetics using stopped-flow and temperature jump devices
  • microcalorimetry (ITC and DSC), differential scanning fluorimetry,...
  • atomic force microscopy, single-molecule approaches, …
  • structural mass spectroscopy

To join us visit our ARBRE-MOBIEU website by clicking here.

Minimal criteria for ARBRE membership are :

* provision of access to biophysical instrumentation (and relevant training) for a scientific community.

* provision of expertise and/or services in the field of molecular-scale characterization of biological systems

* participation to methodological research driven by biological questions.

Membership indicates willingness to share openly with the ARBRE community information about available instrumentation and expertise, as well as tips and protocols.

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