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Instruct-ERIC webinar series: structure meets function - Webinar #1 Instruct Centre Israel.




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Instruct-ERIC Webinar Series: structure meets function
A celebration of Instruct-ERIC: achievements, impact and expanding ambitions
I2PC Image Processing Webinar Series, July 2020
Scientific talks by Instruct Centre scientists demonstrate how structural biology is unlocking the secrets of biomolecular structure and function.   Watch the event, where selected talks look ahead to an exciting future for Instruct-ERIC and Research Infrastructures in Europe.   For a theoretical and practical background on image processing using Scipion, Xmipp and other tools available through Scipion.
I2PC Scipion Cryo-EM Image Processing Tutorials, May 2020
Joint Instruct-ARBRE MOBIEU Workshop, Feb 2020
3rd Instruct-ERIC Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop, November 2019
Gain an understanding of the image processing tool, Scipion, through a range of worked examples in this series of tutorials.   A series of webinars on the analysis and optimisation of sample quality for Cryo-EM and other structural techniques.   View talks from leading scientists in the field of cryoEM, at Instruct's 3rd Annual Workshop held at CBI/IGBMC, France.
Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference, May 2019
2nd Best Practices in CryoEM Workshop, Oct 2018
Workshop on Remote X-ray Data Collection from European Synchrotrons, May 2018
Leading scientists from across the world demonstrate the importance of structural biology in addressing key challenges in health and life science.   Glean highlights from this gathering of CryoEM research managers sharing their expertise.   Sixteen webinars from the workshop hosted by the Weizmann Institute from experts in Remote Data Collection.
Scientific Highlights at Instruct-ULTRA assembly, Feb 2018
ARIA Webinars, Jan 2018
Three structural biology webinars looking at NMR of disordered proteins, CryoEM of bacteriophage and Mass Spectrometry.   An overview of the content and functionality of ARIA, a cloud-service system for the management of RIs.