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XChem Beamline Scientist

Diamond Light Source Ltd, Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 15 Dec 2019

The XChem fragment screening facility at Diamond are recruiting a Beamline Scientist on a permanent basis.

This role is to join the XChem team to support academic and industrial users with experiments and service work, co-manage the XChem lab, develop new fragment-related methodologies, and over next few years, work on expanding the XChem offering beyond hit identification.

The nature of the role requires graduate or postdoctoral experience in crystallography and crystallization, but additionally someone highly organised and with the natural authority necessary to assist users productively. First-hand experience in crystallographic fragment screening and compound development is highly desirable.

If you are a technically-minded crystallographer that enjoys teaching or training people, like an organised life, thrive on collaboration and like to see how you're making others productive, you will enjoy this job.
In addition, Diamond is incredibly collegial and has a terrific user community.

The application deadline is the 15 Dec 2019, with interviews being held on 17th Dec.

To find out more about the position and to apply, click here.

Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom

XChem Beamline Scientist