Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Two Research Associate Positions

Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 13 Oct 2013

Two Research Associate positions have become available in the laboratory for crystallisation and crystallographic studies on mammalian transporter in the Membrane Protein Crystallography Laboratory at the Research Complex in Harwell (RCaH) near Didcot Oxfordshire. The laboratory is headed by Professor So Iwata,who is a world leader in crystallisation and crystallography of membrane proteins. In particular, the group has a proven track record working with respiratory and photosynthetic membrane protein complexes and membrane transporters. The laboratory is an outhouse of Imperial College London and is fully equipped for structural studies for membrane proteins. The successful candidate will work on improving the crystals and solving the structure of these important proteins. The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) funds the post. The duration of the posts are until 31 December 2014. You must have a PhD in a biological science, or the equivalent in professional qualifications and experience. You must also have experience in molecular cloning, mammalian cell culturing and experience in protein crystallisation and crystallography. Crystallization and X-ray crystallography particularly on membrane proteins or macromolecular complexes, and X-ray diffraction data collection are also essential.

 Closing date for applications is 13 October 2013. The preferred method of application is online via this website.