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Team Leader XChem - SGC Oxford

SGC, Oxford, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 01 May 2019

The Structural Genomics Consortium are recruiting an experienced computational chemist to head the Fragalysis project for automating fragment hit progression, part of the XChem collaboration between SGC and Diamond. The project falls under direction of Professor Frank von Delft, jointly PI for protein crystallography at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and Principal Beamline Scientist at beamline i04-1 at Diamond Light Source (DLS). The collaboration led to the world-first XChem user facility for high-throughput crystal-based fragment screening that has to date supported >130 new fragment screens from academia and industry. 

The Fragalysis project leader will be tasked with converting the existing proof-of-concept tool into a production-level system that is routinely usable for analysing XChem results and designing and acquiring follow-up compounds. This will entail setting the scientific direction and priorities of the project through close and continuous interaction with expert and novice users; coordinating a growing team of scientific programmers and contractors; liaising with and expanding a wide and international set of collaborators and contributors; securing further funding for the project; helping supervise students; and developing specific methodologies of their own.

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Oxford, United Kingdom

Team Leader XChem - SGC Oxford