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Team Leader in Electron Microscopy Service and Technology Development, EMBL

EMBL Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
Application deadline: 30 Aug 2019

A position is available to lead the EMBL IC Electron Microscopy Team, comprising microscopy engineers and application specialists, in close collaboration with the Advanced Light Microscopy Team.

Both teams have the mission of highest-level user service provision and technology development to continuously improve the services. Jointly they will provide services to external users from Europe and beyond in imaging technologies, including electron microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy, and advanced light microscopy.

Electron microscopy technologies will cover all scales, from single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and cryotomography to (cryo-)CLEM and cellular electron microscopy.

In addition to organising and providing highest-quality service, the Team Leader in Electron Microscopy should have a strong interest in technology development, in order to maintain the technology at the cutting edge and extend the the service portfolio of the EMBL IC to facilitate new biological research applications. The technology development activities should take advantage of close collaborations with the excellent instrumentation development and biological research groups at EMBL, as well as EMBL’s Advanced Light Microscopy and Electron Microscopy Core Facilities, and EMBL’s mechanical and electronics workshops. A joint appointment with EMBL’s Structural and Computational Biology Unit is foreseen, to foster these interactions.

The EMBL IC will organise international courses to train scientists in advanced microscopy methods, and actively collaborate with industrial partners to develop new applications and workflows. The successful candidate should be able to work creatively and independently, be well organised and rigorous, and enjoy working in an international team within a highly collaborative atmosphere.

Prior to the opening of the EMBL IC in 2021, the successful candidate will build up the EMBL IC Electron Microscopy team and, supported by the EMBL IC (Project) Management, prepare for full service operation by building on the experience of the cryo-EM service platform at EMBL Heidelberg.

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Heidelberg, Germany

Team Leader in Electron Microscopy Service and Technology Development, EMBL