Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Structural Biologist

University of Dundee, Dundee, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 20 Aug 2013

The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) (see is a fully integrated drug discovery operation based within a world class Life Sciences research environment. Its remit is to complement BioPharma activities by tackling both neglected diseases (sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis and malaria) and validation of novel targets and mechanisms across a range of potential therapeutics areas. The DDU works to Biotech style philosophy and standards incorporating, dynamic, goal driven project management based on Target Product Profiles and Compound Selection Criteria. The project goals are therapeutic area dependent but range from quality leads demonstrating disease model proof of concept, through to pre-clinical candidates.

The department seeks a highly motivated structural biologist, to work as part of their drug discovery efforts. The main role will include design of protein constructs, protein expression & purification, crystallisation, solution of x-ray structures and co-crystallisation studies to support in house fragment-based and structure-based drug discovery. You will have access to an in-house x-ray diffractometer and to synchrotron sources externally. You will have structure-based drug discovery experience. You will be part of a BioPharma experienced multi-disciplinary team in the DDU, consisting of hit discovery scientists, medicinal chemists, computational chemists and DMPK scientists, as well as structural biologists. The post is available immediately. Salary will depend on experience, but will be between £29,249 and £35,938.

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